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This 4-hour course will help you go from zero to $1000/month with your digital product business including 21+ video lessons, tech tutorials, done for you templates, cheatsheets and a private student community for support & feedback.


This course is for you if you already have a product to sell or are in the process of creating a product/building a brand and you are looking to use Instagram to market your products and make sales.


Already have a shop or a website set up? This course will help you learn how to get more traffic using Pinterest including 40+ video lessons, FAQ Knowledge Base and a private student community for support & feedback.


Wanna start a blog that makes money through various income streams? CEO Blogger Academy is a comprehensive, 3-phase roadmap that will show you exactly how to start a blog that turns into a profitable business, reliably and effectively.

Which course is right for me?

If you are looking to get started in the world of digital products and launch your shop πŸ‘‡

Digital Product Academy is the right starting point for you.

If you are looking to grow your audience and make sales using Instagram πŸ‘‡

Insta Sales Academy is the right course for you.

If you are looking to grow your website or store traffic using Pinterest πŸ‘‡

Pinfluencer Academy is the right course for you.

If you are looking to build a blog or website that has multiple streams of income πŸ‘‡

CEO Blogger Academy is the right course for you.

Shruti Pangtey,

Founder & CEO at Digital Empires

Shruti is an MBA turned digital entrepreneur and her obsession is helping fellow dreamers build a life of financial, time and location freedom using digital products and content marketing.

Since launching Digital Empires in 2020, she has built a $1M business that has served 21000+ customers while growing a community of 200,000+ freedom seekers.

Shruti has been featured in Business Insider, Yahoo Finance and more as a leader in the digital marketing space.


After taking Shruti's courses, I went from making no money with my blog to $500/month and crossed 50,000 page views/month with her Pinterest strategy.


I'm making $2k a month after taking DPA and honestly I didn't think this was possible but I'm so happy to have found my way here.


I'm making one sale a day of my ebook completely passively through my Instagram and made over $1000 after launching my workshop using Shruti's strategies.


Shruti's courses are one of the best in the digital marketing space. Her ability to pivot, pick up on market trends and test offers is exceptional. She’ll teach you how to execute on ideas fast without any fancy gimmicks and fluff.

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Learn to go from zero to $$$ with digital products with my free class.

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