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How do I get more followers?

First off, the number of followers do not determine whether or not you will succeed on Pinterest. However, having a large number of followers can help your content get seen by more people.

In order to get more followers, you need to be doing the following:

  • Pinning high-quality content regularly. Make sure to schedule pins on a weekly basis as that gives organic visitors the opportunity to engage with your content.
  • Pin content that gets clicks. The lower the engagement on your existing content, the lower the chances you will grow your followers fast.
  • Create trending or seasonal content. Getting discovered while promoting a seasonal topic such as for example Christmas or holidays is a great way to increase your visibility.
  • Create video and idea pins. As video takes up even more space on the internet, Pinterest is also actively promoting this content. Make sure to add this to your marketing strategy.
  • Have patience. Growing your followers, unless you invest in paid ads will not happen overnight or super quick. If you do the 4 things mentioned above your following will continue to grow steadily.

Again, keep in mind, your followers serve nothing more than as a vanity metric. The real metric to track in your business is page visits, leads and sales. 😉