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I use Shopify instead of WordPress. How do I activate rich pins?

Yes, you can go through this article for the technical steps.
In short, here’s what it says:

To add product Pins from Shopify, open our rich Pin validator, paste in your product link and add “.oembed” to the end of your link—you’ll see all the rich Pin information for your product.

Apply for rich Pins from this page (make sure you select Shopify when applying).

Add product Pins to your Shopify store Open a specific product URL on your Shopify site. This is a page that has a Buy or Add to bag button.

Copy and paste this product URL into the rich Pin validator and type .oembed at the end of your product URL.

You’ll see all the rich Pin information for your product. Click Validate. After the preview appears, click Apply.

You only need to apply with a single product URL from your website. Your product Pins will become rich Pins within 24 hours.
Learn more about rich pins in lesson 5 of phase 1 (building your foundation).