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My pin doesn’t get any impressions. What can I do?

Here are some questions you can go through to troubleshoot:
1. Are you sharing your pin with any group boards or communities to increase your reach?
-> With a new account and few followers, it is normal for not every pin to have a lot of impressions.
2. Have you waited at least a month on each pin to see how impressions work?
-> They do NOT get updated as quickly as you expect and can take quite long to show a real picture.
3. Is this happening to all your pins on this topic?
-> If yes, you need to try a new content structure/format. Consider it as feedback on your content and test something new.
4. Have you tried contacting Pinterest to see if there is a glitch in your analytics?
-> We can only tell you the strategy where you might need to pivot but if this is a
technical issue on your account you need to contact Pinterest.