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What should I do if my account gets suspended?

Unfortunately, this happens even when you have done nothing wrong to begin with. Sometimes actions like sending a link in a message, or following too many people too fast or even commenting on many pins at the same time can trigger this. Other times there is no reason at all why it happens.

Step 1: You should click on the link to appeal that you receive as an automatic email from Pinterest first.

Step 2: Wait 48 hours and if your account isn’t restored then send them an email via the support site (Appeals> Account Suspension) :

In your suspension message make sure to write that “as per your knowledge, you did not break any rules regarding the community standards, and you’ve had a high quality account from day 1. You can also mention that you are a digital creator and it would be terrible if you were unable to create content on Pinterest anymore as you enjoy using the platform to build your brand. You hope that a quick restoration of your account will take place. “

Step 3: If it has been 7 days and you still don’t get it restored. I would repeat the email once more to check what is causing the delay. Important thing here is not to have an accusatory email because its a person checking the email and responding for support even though the suspension usually happens automatically by triggers. If you’re rude or show frustration, it may take longer for your appeal to be cleared.