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What exactly is a fresh pin?

Fresh Pins are defined by Pinterest as images or videos that they haven’t seen before. You can create several images that link to the same blog post, landing page, or product listing, and each of those would be fresh when saved to Pinterest for the first time. 

For example, Fresh Pins can come from creating new images for links you’ve already previously shared to Pinterest.

Note: The following changes would NOT be considered the creation of a Fresh Pin:

– Pinning the same image and changing the Pin title, Pin description or alt text

– Making small changes to an image that has already been Pinned before (for example, shifting your background image a few pixels or moving your logo slightly to try to “fool” Pinterest into thinking it’s a Fresh Pin)

Source: Pinterest

More specifications on fresh pins:

– Using an image you have already pinned before in another pin format. E.g. using an image you used as a standard pin for an idea pin does not count as a fresh pin but as a duplicate pin.

– Cropped images can count as fresh pins especially when they have some new text on them.

– Using the same images where different areas are sharpened does not count as fresh pins as the angle and the photo remain the same.

– Images of the same object or product from different angles do count as fresh pins.

– Stock images can count as fresh pins when you add your own text to them. If you upload the pin as it is with no changes as a stock photo, then it is possible it doesn’t get counted as a fresh pin as it may have been uploaded to Pinterest before.