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What should I do when I am affected by a Pinterest glitch?

Glitches seem to happen at least once a year on Pinterest and mostly result in lower clicks and impressions for many accounts. Some accounts even have follower count changes.

From our experience, such glitches usually affect an account for about 30 to 60 days. After that period of time, the problem mostly resolves by itself.

During this time, it may make sense to plan your long-term strategy on Pinterest and to revamp old content that you were not promoting at this time. Think of it as a brief reset on your account. So, what you can do is refreshing your strategy a little bit by:
– changing your content format,
– creating new pins for old images,
– creating fresh new content (new URLs with fresh pins),
– creating some new boards, and
– optimizing your boards.

It is also a good idea to deep dive into analytics to see what type of content is being affected so you can make a strategy to bounce back.

If after 30 days your account does not seem to recover, we recommend you to connect with the Pinterest technical support team.