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Why do I see many impressions on my pins but no clicks?

Usually when your content has a large number of impressions, this means that your SEO strategy is working.

However, your content or pinning strategy may need to be optimised.

In order to optimise your content strategy, you need to study the analytics of your account to see what types of pins/posts drive the most clicks.

Once you find the similar patterns, you then need to 1) create content that is similar, 2) create more pins that are similar to the ones that have high clicks.

The masterclass on how to find and create viral blog posts may be helpful for you.

In order to optimise your pinning strategy, you need to see 1) how many fresh pins are you creating on a daily basis, 2) where you are pinning your content , 3) what types of formats are performing the best.

In the create your own pinning strategy lesson, we break down how to create your own unique custom strategy. Keep in mind, there is no one set-in-stone practice for everyone. Some accounts to see great success with creating only 2 pins per day and some see success with a larger volume of pins.

You also might want to experiment with adding new content formats to your strategy such as idea pins and video pins to see what impact it makes on your account.

We recommend testing your new strategy over a month and then comparing the results to find the winner for your account.